Once you find high-quality home furnishings that fit in your space and your budget, the next step is to make sure that you care for your pieces in the proper way. As we continue with part two, we will give you a more detailed look at how to care for wood furnishings and upholstered pieces.

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Caring for Wood Furnishings

Beautiful wood furniture adds a certain appeal to your home, and the high-quality material ensures that your new pieces can stand the test of time, as well as the wear and tear of daily use. While you don’t have to worry about wood furnishings absorbing any spilled liquids (as long as you wipe them up right away) like you do with upholstered furniture, that doesn’t mean that wood furniture is indestructible.

Be Wary of Chemical Cleaners

As you’re tidying up around your home, it’s important to keep in mind that all cleaners are not created equal. Certain cleaners may say “all-purpose,” but they may not be safe for your wood furniture. If the cleaner says it is safe for use on wood, you may want to do a spot test on a small, unnoticeable area to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration with the wood. To keep your furniture looking its very best, it may be in your best interest to purchase cleaners that are specifically made for wood.

Pick Up Instead of Sliding

Scratches are among your biggest concerns when it comes to caring for your wood furniture. Spills can easily be mopped up with a damp towel, but a scratch is usually permanent. The best way to prevent scratches on your table is to make sure you always pick up items on the table instead of sliding them. Certain items may have edges on the bottom that can get caught and scratch the table. If you have any permanent fixtures on your table, consider placing a layer of felt on the bottom to avoid scratches, or buy a tablecloth that can add an extra layer of protection.

Caring for Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be a little more difficult to maintain, especially considering most fabrics attract more dirt and liquids than the repel. However, taking the proper precautions and using the right cleaners can help your upholstered furniture last longer.

Keep Sharp Objects Away

While some upholstery may be stronger than others, that doesn’t mean that it can’t get ruined. Much like your wooden furniture, upholstered items can also get snagged or scratched by sharp objects. Children’s toys, animals claws, and other sharp objects can easily snag the fabric of your couches and chairs. Certain sharp object may be more easily avoided than others, but keeping those items away from your upholstered furniture is the best way to maintain the integrity of your upholstery.

Blot Spills

Spills are a natural part of life, and there is no avoiding an eventual spill on your new upholstered couch or chair. When you spill on your upholstered furniture, your first instinct may be to start wiping up the liquid before it has time to set. It’s good to be quick about cleaning the spill, but it’s important to remember to blot at the stain instead of rubbing it deeper into the fabric. Blotting at the stain with a damp towel will help to soak up the liquid, and if you use any cleaners, make sure they are safe for upholstery and won’t add to the messy stain.

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