From our showroom – to your home.

All items are available as pictured or sold individually.

58. Beautiful New Sofa

This beautiful new sofa is upholstered in a casual fabric for years of service.


Sofa: 83w X 38d X 36h

Chair: 32w X 37d X 34h

Bar Cart: 47w X 16d X 39h

Cocktail Table: 50w X 30d X 19.5h

Lamp Table: 22w X 27d X 27h

Tier Table: 26round X 27.75h

Pictures (above sofa):27w X 39h

Picture (above bar cart): 38w X 31h

Lamps: 31h X 18w


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $1782. * Bar Cart $600. * Cocktail Table $1,463. * Chair $1056. * Lamp Table $965. * Tier Table $965. * Pictures (above sofa) $318. ea. * Picture (above bar cart) $237. * Lamps $75. ea.

57. Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is expandable and features four swivel barstools.


Kitchen Island: 54w X 46d X 36h

Swivel Barstools: 18w X 20d X 40h

Pictures: 30w X 30h

Lamp: 70h X 20w


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Kitchen Island $1610. * Swivel Barstools $144. ea.  * Pictures $207. ea. * Lamp $808.

56. Short Sofa

This beautiful two over two (seat cushions and back pillows) sofa is made up in a lovely blue fabric with contrasting faux sheepskin pillows.


Sofa: 75w X 35d X 37h

Coffee Table: 48w X 24d X 17h

Lamp: 19w X 65.5h

Pictures: 13.5w X 22h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $1877. * Coffee Table $1146. * Lamp $676. * Pictures $250. (Set of 3) * Dog $1901.

55. Great Comfort

This sofa is one of our best selling sofas. It features our best construction hardwood frames, 8-way hand tied coil springs, and a choice of luxury cushions. The sofa also has a semi attached pillow back for added comfort.


Sofa: SOLD

Coffee Table: 50w X 30d X 19h

Rectangular Side Table: 22w X 27d X 27h

Round Side Table: 25w X 25d X 27h

Lamps: 22w  X 33h

Picture: 46w X 38h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa SOLD * Coffee Table $1268 * Rectangular Side Table $770. * Round Side Table $770. * Lamps $197. ea. * Picture $457.

53. Reclining Sofa

This beautiful power reclining sofa is upholstered in top-grain, Oxblood colored leather. The power feature gives you the ability to recline to any position you desire. A additional feature is that this sofa is able to be placed almost directly against a wall.


Sofa: 84w X 40d X 40h

End Table: 18.5w X 24.5d X 25h

Table Lamp: 16w X 35h

Floor Lamp: 18w X 66h

Picture: 49w X 29h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3628. * End Table $671. * Table Lamp $206. * Floor Lamp $254. * Picture $437.

51. Gathering Table Set

The Double Bridge Dining defines the rustic side of casual. The leek design is optimal for any space.


Table: 36w X 72d X 36h (extends to 96″ with 2 leaves)

Stools: 20w X 24d X 43h

Picture- Spanish Lady: 48w X 72h

Picture- Lion: 39.5w X 34h

Pictures- Small: 12 X 12


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $780. * Stools $166. ea. * Picture- Spanish Lady $270. * Picture- Lion $457. * Pictures- Small $89. ea. * Deer Head $230. * Large Candlestick $90.

50. Best Selling Sofa

This sofa is the best of construction with hardwood frames, 8-way hand tied springs, and is made up in a durable fabric for everyday use.


Sofa: 84w X 38d X 37h

Glass End Table: 26w X 26d X 25h

Wood End Table: 24w X 24d X 26h

Coffee Table: 52w X 30d X 20h

Lamps: 34h X 18.5w

Area Rug: 3′ 9″ X 5′ 9″

Picture- Chairs: 29h X 29w

Picture- Tall, Boat: 43h X 31w

Picture- Sailboat: 27h X 37w

Picture- Beach: 29h X 29w


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $1782. * Glass End Table $855. * Wood End Table $844. * Coffee Table $1382. * Lamps $397. ea. * Area Rug $1048. * Picture- Chairs $164. * Picture- Tall, Boat $298. * Picture- Sailboat $298. * Picture- Beach $164.

49. Luxury Recliner

This power recliner is one of our best sellers. This recliner features a wall hugger mechanism allowing the chair to be placed closer to a wall than conventional recliners. Add in the power feature you can easily adjust the recline position to fit your comfort. Lastly, feel the suppleness of the top-grain, Oxblood colored, leather which is both durable and soft to the touch.


Recliner: SOLD

Table: 28.5w X 17.75d X 29.25h

Lamp: 17w X 33h

Picture- Plant: 38w X 38h

Pictures- Baseball: 14.5w X 23.5h



Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Recliner SOLD * Table $699. * Lamp $255. * Picture- Plant $277. * Pictures- Baseball $84. ea.

48. Emperor Red Console Table

Emperor red console table with an alter table style top and a single drawer inlaid in red eggshell, set above a gold-leaf foil mix with a black glass lacquer base.


Console: 30.5w X 19d X 35h

Mirror: 39w X 40h

Statue: 17w X 14h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Console $2400. * Mirror $277. * Statue $198.

47. Stainless-Steel Dining Table

Industrial and casual blend together beautifully with this stainless-steel topped dining table. Accompanied with two side chairs and two host chairs this set is the perfect gathering place for any meal or get together.


Table: 80w X 40d X 31h

Host Chairs: 23w X 26d X 39h

Side Chairs: 21w X 22d X 40h

Giraffes- Table: 32h X 11w

Pictures: 26w X 38h

Dress- Left: 58h X 22w

Dress- Right: 56h X 22w


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Giraffes- Table $150. ea. * Dress- Left $178. * Dress- Right $153.

5-Piece Dining Room Floor Sample Special: MSRP $4,809. Closeout Price $1,799.

46. Design Center

Here at Russell’s we have a wide variety of beautiful fabrics for your upholstery needs. We also have a wonderful assortment or area rugs in various sizes, colors, and patterns to complete your room.

45. Modern Platform Bed

This bow-front dresser is made in beautiful cherry wood with a walnut base, along with the king size platform bed.


King Platform Bed: 84.75w X 96d X 45h

Dresser: 63w X 20.5d X 37.75h

Left Facing Nightstand: 25w X 18d X 23h

Lamps- Round: 17w X 25h

Lamps- White: 17w X 31h

Picture- The Beatles: 67w X 34h

Pictures- Zebras: 25w X 31.5h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Lamps- Round $194. ea. * Lamps- White $253. ea. * Picture- The Beatles $596. * Pictures- Zebras $258. ea.

3-Piece Bedroom: MSRP $16,314.          Closeout Price $8,157.

44. Mission Bedroom

This Harvey Ellis master dresser is made with solid cherry wood, tiger maple drawer fronts, and walnut drawer pulls inset with bronze.


Dresser: 71w X 20d X 44h

Queen Bed: 70.5w X 87d X 49h

Nightstand: 26w X 17d X 27h

Mirror: 48w X 34h

Lamp- Black: 15w X 24h

Lamp- Trees: 19w X 32h

Pictures: 23w X 23h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Dresser $4779. * Queen Bed $3002. * Nightstand $1602. * Mirror $880. * Mirror $880. * Lamp- Black $260. * Lamp- Trees $337. * Pictures $277. * Musician $129. * Chandelier $498.

43. Flip-Top Table

This flip-top table can be used as a sofa table or be expanded to use as an extra dining table.


Flip-Top Table: 69w X 36d X 31h

Pictures: 23w X 33h

Lamp: 15w X 26.5h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Flip-Top Table $ 420. * Pictures $178. ea. * Lamp $257. * Chest $204. * Bowl $51.

42. Slip-Cover Sofa

This slip-cover sofa with casual end tables and cocktail table are a wonderful addition to any room.


Slipcover Sofa: 89w X 38d X 34h

End Tables with Baskets: 24w X 30d X 29h

Cocktail Table: 48w X 28d X 19h

Lamps: 16.h w X 28.5h

Pictures: 28w X 33h

Mirror: 25w X 79h

Rug: 5’3” X 8’


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Slipcover Sofa $1999. * End Tables with Baskets $298. ea. * Cocktail Table $298. * Lamps $397. ea. * Pictures $397. ea. * Mirror $473. * Rug $498. * Turtle $39. * Bowl $99.

41. Beauty for Your Home

Add excitement and style to your home with this cocktail table, console, and mirror. Include the chair, lamps, and rug for an overall phenomenal arrangement.


Chair: 30wx X 38d X 42h

Console Table: 56w X 16d X 35h

Cocktail Table: 52w X 32d X 18h

Lamps: 10w X 25h

Rug: 5’ X 7’

Mirror: 48w X 48h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Chair $1700. * Console Table $1982. * Cocktail Table $1854. * Lamps $193. ea. * Rug $1299. * Mirror $696. * Large Floor Vase $469. * Small Floor Vase $349.

40. Console

This wood console features a rich finish that is completed by hand rubbing to yield a very distinctive piece of furniture. This piece would be great for any hallway or living room.


Console: 67w X 13d X 36h

Lamps: 17w X 29h

Picture: 41w X 33h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Console $1745. * Lamps $357. ea. * Picture $489. * Camera $120.

39. Built for Life… Your Life

This sofa is made in the finest of top-grain leather blending with American made 8-way hand tied springs for the ultimate in comfort.


Sofa: 84w X 40d X 38h

Cocktail Table: 76w X 26d X 20h

Side Table: 18w X 26d X 26.5h

Picture: 41w X 50h

Lamp: 15w X 35h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3699. * Cocktail Table $440. * Side Table $682. * Picture $373. * Lamp $426. * Bust $90. * Pillow $137.

37. Effortless & Elegant

This classic dining table and chairs will add elegance and sophistication to any dining space.


Table: 48” Round

Picture: 48.5w X 33.5h

Lamp: 11w X 25h

Candlestick: 25h

Statue: 5w X 10h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table and 4 Chairs: $3999. * Picture $150. * Lamp: $146. * Candlestick $136. * Statue $88.

36. Camden Collection

This bedroom collection represents a great value. It features a darker finish with rub through qualities to give you an antique look.


Queen Bed: 70.25w X 90d X 68h

Nightstand: 32w X 19.5d X 32h

Tall Chest: 42w X 21d X 62h

Dresser: 58w X 21d X 40.5h

Mirror: 48w X 34h

Chair: 29w X 26d X 37h

Side Table: 16w X 16d X 20h

Lamp- White: 18w X 31h

Lamp- Blue: 12w X 23h

Lamp- Metallic: 11w X18h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Chair $981. * Side Table $559. * Lamp- White $390. * Lamp- Blue $230. * Lamp- Metallic $88. * Statue $108. * Serving Tray $275. * Small Blue Container $46. * Large Blue Container $92. * Flower Pot $158.

Factory Closing Bedroom Special: Mfg. List $10,440 – Closeout Price $2,999. * Set includes Queen Bed, Nightstand, Dresser, Mirror, Tall Chest

35. Pub Table

This pub table top and chair seats are done in solid elm. The table base and chairs are made in brown maple with ebony finish. They are available in many sizes and finishes, which are catalyzed, giving you the greatest amount of durability.


Pub Table: 92w X 42d X 36h

Stools: 24″ seat height


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Pub Table $1538. * Stools $458. ea.

34. Display Cabinet

This piece featured in the Harvey Ellis collection is inspired by his work. His pieces are often distinguishable by his use of purely decorative inlays.


Display Cabinet: 58.5w X 20.5d X 82h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Price: Buffet and Display Cabinet $8605.

32. Sofa

This plaid sofa offers you a casualness for any family room. A wear tested fabric gives you not only beauty but durability. Eight-way hand ties hardwood frames offer fantastic quality. The swivel rocker is made for casual living as well and is made up in a coordinating fabric to the sofa.


Sofa: 84w X 38d X 37h

Lamp Table: 25w X 25d X 27h

Drink Table: 12w X 22d X 24h

Coffee Table: 50w X 30d X 19h

Chair: 35w X 37d X 39h

Console Table: 56w X 14d X 36h

Lamp: 16.5w X 30h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $1971. * Lamp Table $770. * Drink Table $575. * Coffee Table $1612. * Chair $1587. * Console Table $1386. * Lamp $398. * Serving Tray $98. * Singer $137.

31. The Brockton Collection

This Brockton bedroom is available in multiple sizes for dressers, chests, beds, and nightstands. The bedroom is shown in quarter sawn oak but is available in brown maple, hard maple, hickory, elm, and rustic cherry. It is also available in a multitude of different finishes to fit your taste.


Queen Bed: 61w X 81.5d X 53h

Nightstand: 20.75w X 20d X 28.75h

Dresser: 58.75w X 22d X 46h

Mirror: 45w X 34h

Blue Lamps: 19w X 44h

Blue & White Lamp: 17w X 28h

Birdhouse: 10.5w X 9d X 20h

Side Table: 12w X 12d X 29h

Pictures- Flowers: 10.5w X 12.5h

Pictures- Bears: 19.25w X 21.5h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Queen Bed $1273. * Nightstand $659. * Dresser $2026. * Mirror $352. * Blue Lamps $397. ea. * Blue & White Lamp $317. * Birdhouse $114. * Side Table $152. * Pictures- Flowers $30. ea. * Pictures- Bears $97. ea. * Flower Pots $43. ea.

30. Wall Decor

There’s more to a room than just the furniture. Accessories are the “jewelry” which sets the room apart. This is the perfect example.


Pictures: 12w X 16.5h

Chair: 33w X 44d X 45h

Lamp: 19w X 65h

Trifold Screen: 60w X 76h

Bust: 19w x 25h

Side Table: 22w X 22d X 22h

Pot: 12w X 20h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Pictures $345/ set of 18. * Chair $980. * Lamp $397. * Trifold Screen $598. * Bust $557. * Side Table $438 * Pot $110.

29. Traditional At Its Finest

This sofa in a white fabric makes a stunning impression along with the box banding throw pillows and contrasting blue pillows with white piping. This is a statement sofa and chairs that would embellish any room. The lamps and pictures also add to the statement of the room.


Sofa: 91w X 32d X 37h

Chair- Solid Blue: 32w X 35d X 35h

Chair: 33w X 36d X 40h

Cocktail Table: 48w X 34d X 19h

Round Lamp Table: 25w X 25d X 27h

Rectangular End Table: 18w X 26d X 26.5h

Rectangular Drink Table: 12w X 22d X 24h

Lamps: 16w X 31h

Chandelier: 30w X 29h

Pictures- Black Frame: 32w X 32h

Pictures- Single Feather: 28w X 50h

Picture- Double Feather: 37w X 48h

Picture- Flowers: 32w X 44h

Mirror: 31w X 43h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3132. * Chair- Solid Blue $ 1704. * Chair $ 1431. * Cocktail Table $ 2833. * Round Lamp Table $770. * Rectangular End Table $682. * Rectangular Drink Table $575. * Lamps $558. ea. * Chandelier $1850. * Pictures- Black Frame $118. ea. * Pictures- Single Feather $359. ea. * Picture- Double Feather $379. * Mirror $549. * Lights $590. ea. * Blue Candlesticks- Sm. $83. Med. $99. Lg. $109. * Silver candlesticks- Sm. $70. Lg. $86. * Blue Patterned Jar $165. * Ice Bucket $127. *

28. Making Life Comfortable

That is the Scandinavian way, to be in harmony with your surroundings, to coexist responsibly with the environment and acknowledge the place and part you play in this world.


Recliner Dark Brown Standard Size: 33w X 33.75d X 29.25h

Recliner Dark Brown Compact Size: 30.75w X 32.75d X 38.25h

Power Recliner Smoke Leather: 32w X 36.75d X 39.25h

Power Recliner Cinder Leather: 32.25w X 37.5d X 39.75h

Rug: 5ft 6in X 8ft 6in

Cocktail Table: 50w X 30d X 18h

End Tables: 22w X 24d X 24h

Chandelier: 31in sphere

Lamps: 16w X 30h

Picture- Ella Fitzgerald: 25w X 29h

Picture- Marilyn Monroe: 28w X 36h

Picture- Manhattan Skyline: 38.5w X 31h

Picture- Movie Film: 22w X46h

Picture- Movie Film: 22w X46h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices:  Recliner Dark Brown Standard Size $2124. * Recliner Dark Brown Compact Size $2079. * Power Recliner Smoke Leather $1814. * Power Recliner Cinder Leather $1901. * Rug $977. * Cocktail Table and 2 End Tables $799. * Chandelier $976. * Lamps $489. ea. * Picture- Ella Fitzgerald $218. * Picture- Marilyn Monroe $159. * Picture- Manhattan Skyline $164. * Picture- Movie Film $256. * Picture- Movie Film $256. * Brown Cat Accessory $98. * Gray Cat Accessory $85.

27. Mid-Century Modern

Our mid-century modern sofa is available in hundreds of fabrics to meet your design needs. The occasional tables are done in solid walnut in order to ensure you the very best of mid-century modern.


Sofa: 87.5w X 37.5d X 35h

Round Side Table: 26w X 26d X 26.5h

Square End Table: 23w X 26.5d X 27h

Chair: 30w X 40d X 42h

Cocktail Table: 42w X 42d X 18h

Accessory: 14w X 12h

Accessory: 12w X 10h

Lamps: 17w X 30h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $1935. * Round Side Table $630. * Square End Table $693. * Chair $999. * Cocktail Table $891. * Accessory 14X12 $98 * Accessory 12X10 $78. * Lamps $377. ea.

26. Live Edge Table

This alluring planked live edge walnut live edge table would be the perfect addition to your home. It features a double curved base linseed oil natural low sheen.


Live Edge Table: 42w X 84d X 30h

Upholstered Host Chairs: 20.5w X 22d X 42h

Side Chairs: 19w X 17d X 40h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Live Edge Table $2881. * Upholstered Host Chairs $459. ea. * Side Chairs $478. ea.

23. Casual Bedroom

This casual bedroom with antique white finish, softly rounded pilasters, and wire brushed finish chestnut tops will give your bedroom a look of enduring beauty.


Queen Poster Bed: 64w X 83d X 64h

Nightstand: 28w X 17d X 30h

Dresser: 66w X 19d X 40h

Mirror: 42w X 42h

Tall Chest: 38w X 19d X 54h

Swivel Chair: 36w X 41d X 40h

Area Rug: 5ft X 7ft


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Queen Bed $770. * Nightstand $386. * Dresser $848. * Mirror $144. * Tall Chest $716. * Swivel Chair $1288. * Area Rug $483.

22. Sofa

Having a small space is not a setback. Look what can be done in a simple 12ft by 14ft space. All this with room to spare for a television an additional seating.


Sofa: SOLD

Storage Side Table: 34w X 20d X 28.25h

End Table: 20w X 28d X 27.5h

Cocktail Table: 50w X 34d

Area Rug: 5ft 9in X 9ft

Lamps: 19round X 34h

Picture over Sofa: 46w X 36h

Other Pictures: 21.5w X 21.5h

Square Pillow: 17w X 17h

Kidney Pillow: 23w X 12h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa SOLD * Storage Side Table $899. * End Table $878. * Cocktail $952. * Area Rug $999. * Lamps $558.each * Picture $246. * Pair of Pictures $188. each * Square Pillow $36. * Kidney Pillow $36.

21. Living Room

Add comfort, style and beauty to your home with this phenomenal living room set. Two sizes of decorative nail-head trim adorn this sofa which includes all three toss pillows.


Sofa: 89w X 40d X 38h

Cocktail Table: 50w X 30d X 19h

Area Rug: 5ft 9in X 9ft

End Table: 24w X 24d X 24h

Lamp: 13 round X 35.5h

Round Mirror: 42round


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3,027. * Cocktail Table $1612. * Rug $758. *End Table $599. * Lamp $794. * Mirror $277.

20. Farmhouse Dining Set

Whether it’s for family gatherings or socializing with friends this table is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room. Made from solid brown maple the top is finished in a natural tone while the base is accented in ebony while the hand-planed top and worn edges give this table an antique appearance. The table is shown with six Windsor arm chairs constructed from three separate woods just as they would have been done years ago in America’s past. The saddle seat has been sculpted from poplar while the hoop is done in hickory which is easier to steam bend. Lastly, each of the spindles have been turned from maple for strength and stability.

Table: 42w X 80d

Windsor Arm Chairs: 28w X 28d X 42.5h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $2,755. * Arm Chairs $635.each

19. Living Room Set

Looking for a great place to kick back and relax when watching TV or reading a great book. Complete your living room from top to bottom with this stunning sectional. Add in the pictured, occasional tables, lamp, red accent pillows, picture and area rug to complete your room.

Sectional: 118w X 90d X 38h

Cocktail: 50w X 28d X 19h

End Table: 26 round X 25h

Sofa Table: 54w X 11d X 34h

Area Rug: 4ft 3in by 5ft 9in

Picture: SOLD

Lamp: 20w X 9d X 29h

Red Accent Pillows: 18” square

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sectional w/ Contrast Arm Pillows $3,565. * Cocktail Table $850. * Round End Table $775. * Sofa Table (not pictured) $671. * Picture SOLD * Lamp $419. * Accent Pillows $36. Each * Area Rug $537.

18. Mission Living Room

Stickley, the only name in mission, has designed this stunning collection which is all down in quarter sawn oak.

Sofa: 86w X 38.5d X 32h

End Table: 28.5round X 29h

Cocktail: 48w X 22d X 17h

Area Rug: 8ft X 10ft

Gathering Island: 78w X 25d X 36h

Counter Stools: 17w X 17d X 26h

Lamp: 16round X 27h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3,587. * End Table $1,467. * Cocktail $1,452. * Rug $3,874. * Gathering Island $2,320. * Stools $450. each * Lamp $377.

17. TV Console

This Mission TV by Stickley offers space for the largest televisions. Below find two wood doors for hidden storage and a third door with a glass insert to allow your remotes to work.

TV Console: SOLD

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Price: SOLD

16. Tufted Sofa

This beautiful tufted sofa is made up in one of the number one selling fabric. Accompanied with a coordinating chair and matching lacquered occasional tables with accessories sets this room apart from others.

Sofa: SOLD

Chair: 29w X 36d X 38h

Nesting Tables: 22w X 18d X 23h

Cocktail Table: 48w X 28d X 20h

End Table: 18w X 28d X 28h

Lamps: 18w X 10d 31h

Pictures: 24w X 32.5h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa SOLD * Nesting Tables $1,382. * Cocktail $912. * End Table $1,420. * Pictures $258. each * Lamps $197. each

15. Grandpa’s Cabin

Comfy and casual, this bedroom offers everything you need to create your own cozy retreat. Each piece is finely crafted and finished in a classic oak finish. The rustic American design uses wood and peg accents to gives the entire collection a craftsman feeling.

Queen Sleigh Bed: 64w X 87d X 50h

Nightstand: 27w X 17d X 27h

Dresser: 65w X 18d X 35h

Mirror: 42w X 42h

Tall Chest: 38w X 18d X 53h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Queen Bed $496. * Nightstand $276. * Dresser $616. * Mirror $154. * Tall Chest $550. – 5-piece Bedroom Price $2,092.

14. Console Set

The perfect way to add style to any entrance or hall in home is here. Look at this amazing console with a pair of upholstered counter stools which add warmth to the space. Finish the look by adding in the exquisite 3-Dimensional piece of art, lamp and accent pieces shown as well.

Console: 60w X 16d X 33.75h

Counter Stools: 21w X 23h X 34d

3-D Picture: 48w X 33h

Lamp: 12w X 9d X 30h

Cross Statue: 5w X 5d X 11h

Metal and Glass Tray: 20w X 10d X 3h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Console $2,323. * Pair of Stools $1,298. * Lamp $277. * 3-D Picture $575. * Cross Statue $49. * Tray $122.

13. Dining Room Set

The kitchen and dining are the heart of many homes. This farmhouse dining room brings your family and friends together around the trestle table, with 1-leaf, and the ladderback plus a bench. Add in the metal and wood serving console or custom order additional matching pieces to the collection.

Trestle Table: 40w X 78d opens to 96”

Ladderback Side Chairs: 19w X 25d 38h

Upholstered Bench: 61w X 21d X 28h

Serving Console: 60w X 20d X 32h

Ficus Tree: 6ft Tall

Upholstered Horse Pictures: 54w X 39h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $800. * x4 Ladderback Side Chairs $176. each * Bench $276. * Serving Console $1,218. * x2 Horse Pictures $395. each * Ficus $130.

12. Bookcase

This quaint setting is the ideal get away to relax and read a good book. Store all your favorites in the bookcase which has dual sliding doors and touch control lighting.

Bookcase: 48w X 28d X 20h

Chair: SOLD

Coffee Table: 48w X 28d X 20h

Sphere Rope Chandelier: 23”

Picture: 21.5w X 28h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Bookcase $2,890. * Lounge Chair SOLD * Coffee Table $902. * Chandelier $317. * Picture $207.

11. Bedroom Set

This exquisite 5-piece Louis Phillipe classic styled bedroom suite is finished in rustic cherry. The set includes a Queen Sleigh Bed, Drawer Nightstand, 5-Drawer Chest as well as a matching 8-Drawer Dresser and Landscape Mirror which are not pictured.

Queen Sleigh Bed: 65w X 96d X 57h

Nightstand: 28w X 17d X 28h

5-Drawer Chest: 40w X 18d X 54h

8-Drawer Dresser: 64w X 18d X 41h

Landscape Mirror: 46w X 39h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Queen Bed $660. * Nightstand $286. * Chest $599. * Dresser $672. * Mirror $154. – Complete Set: $2,371. * In-stock and ready for immediate delivery or items can be special ordered in individually plus other pieces are available from this collection at discounted prices.

9. Dining Set

This discontinued table and 4-chair dining set has a magnificent look with a Cordoba parquetry top and iron inset side chairs. The honeycomb styled chandelier will illuminate your area with multiple bulbs and prisms.

Table: 52” Round

Chairs: 20w X 22d X 38.5h

Area Rug: 8ft Round

Chandelier: 23w X 32h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $1,881. * Side Chairs $351. each * Area Rug $950. * Chandelier $1,198.

8. New Lou

Crafted from alder and finish in a cognac finish, the New Lou bedroom suite brings a refreshing look to an old-world style. As an added feature the mirror as pulled out sides for jewelry storage.

Queen Sleigh Bed: 70w X 93d X 60h

Nightstand: 32w X 19d X 31h

Dresser: 70w X 21d X 42h

Storage Mirror: 36w X 10d X 38h

Lamp: 17w X 11d X 31h

Dresser Lamps: 8w X 8d X 24h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Queen Bed $1,618. * Nightstand $798. * Storage Mirror $682. * Dresser $1,732. * Lamp $429. * Dresser Lamps $354. each

7. Dining Set

American made this dining room is constructed from solid maple. Add in a catalyzed finish making this set more durable for everyday use.

Table: 48” round with 1 – 17.5 inch leaf

X4 Side Chairs: 18.5w X 21d X 39.25h

Metal Rooster Sculpture: 12w X 24d X 31h

X2 Pictures: 34.5w X 45h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $1,940. * Side Chairs $370. each * Sculpture $148. X Pictures $315. each

6. Sofa and Swivel Glider

This cozy living room is perfect for lounging and the everyday use that comes with being a family. The fabric on the sofa is one of the “performance fabrics” available and gives added wear to the sofa. Add in the swivel rocker chair and you’ll be ready to watch television or entertain friends in comfort.

Sofa: 89.5w X 39d X 37h

Swivel Glider Chair: SOLD

Stainless Steel and Glass Cocktail: 56w X 32d X 18h

Stainless Steel and Glass End Table: 30w X 30d X 29h

3-D Artwork: 52w X 41.75h

Floor Mirror: 32.5w X 80.5h

Lamp: 14round X 32.5h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa: $1,798. * Swivel/Glider SOLD * Cocktail $1,999. * End Table $1,499. * Picture $889. * Floor Mirror $397. * Lamp $476.

5. Hall Chest

This elegant half-round Demi-Lune will add elegance to any room or entry. Beautifully inlaid gives this piece character second to none with exquisite mother of pearl added to the inlay.

Chest: 48w X 20d X 37.75h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Chest $4,512.

4. Reclining Sofa

Comfort at a different level is here. Not only is this sofa is upholstered in top-grain leather but it features dual power reclining seat with an adjustable power headrest. This sofa is also available to customize with a variety of leathers as well as arm and footrest options. Shown here we’ve coordinated upholstered chairs which compliment the leather and added an end table, plus accessories and area rug to finish the room.

Reclining Sofa: 80w X 40d X 42h

Chairs: 31w X 31d X 35h

End Table: 16w X 22d X 24h

Table Lamp: 11” round X 40h

Floor Lamp: 15” round X 68h

Area Rug: SOLD

Set of Pictures: 25.5w X 17.5h

Canvas Picture: 40w X 40h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $4,675. * Chairs $905. each * End Table $739. * Area Rug SOLD * Floor Lamp $458. * Table Lamp $278. * Set of Three Pictures $170. each * Canvas Picture $377.

3. Table and Chairs

Limited on space, we’ve got you covered. This petite table and chair set is perfect for the smallest of dining areas. Made of solid brown maple with a catalyzed finished offers both beauty and durability for years to come.

Table: 36w X 48d

Side Chairs: 18.5w X 16d X 38.75h

Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Table $674. * Chairs $192. each

2. Cherry Bedroom

Inspired by original pieces of American built antiques this set is designed with an updated scale and function. This new and exciting look offers traditional styled furnishings for the 21st century home.

King Size Bed: 86.75w X 92d X 58h

Nightstand: 33w X 19d X 32h

Dresser: 67w X 23d X 40h

Mirror: 35” round

Factory Closing Bedroom Special: Mfg. List $10,545 – Closeout Price $3,999. * Set includes King Bed, Nightstand, Dresser, Mirror

1. Customizable Sofa

This sofa is not only available to order in an array of designer fabrics but is customizable as well. You can choose between two different widths and depths along with whether you prefer a 2-cushion or 3-cushion look. Next, pick an arm and cushion style followed by one of the skirt or leg treatments offered in this group.


3-Cushion Sofa: 88w X 38d X 38h

Swivel Rocker Chair: 34w X 39d X 38h

Coffee Table: 54w X 33d X 21h

Area Rug: 5ft 9in X 9ft

Nesting Table: 19.5w X 19.5d X 24h

Floral Pictures: 22w X 26.25h

Lamps: 14round X 31h


Russell’s Guaranteed Lowest Prices: Sofa $3,153. * Chair $1,636. * Coffee Table $2,304. * Area Rug $999. * Nesting Tables $1,910. * Pictures $263.each * Lamps $377. each

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